4. Bonus Episode - A taste of Focusing - with Greg Madison

Using the body to access a different way of knowing

 In this extra episode Greg Madison from episode 3 talks us through a focusing-like session. You might want to check that one out first if you haven't listened already. Afterwards, we discuss how the session went. You can use this session for interest, or something like a guided meditation. Focusing is intended to be an interactive practice, so it's not quite the same thing. If this has whetted your appetite, though, find a session in your local area or online.

Greg recommends the original Eugene Gendlin book on Focusing. He also mentions the upcoming Focusing taster session in Brighton, July 2019. Greg is a member of faculty at The London Focusing Institute. You can find out more and find a class near you in the UK at The British Focusing association. This podcast was bought to you by People Developing People. Join our Facebook group or our private community for more.

Matthew Bellringer