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Sometimes you need that extra support. You want to build your business and stay true to your purpose. You want to reach the perfect clients. You want to take advantage of the latest technology without losing the human touch.

I offer bespoke coaching and consultancy. I can help you explain and position what you do. I can help you get your work online. You can find more customers and reach more people. I always start from your needs and the situation in which you work best. From there we develop your business and your practice together.


 “Matthew has an incredible empathetic and dignified approach that really allowed me to be open and honest with myself and really see what my personal relationship with money meant to me. Be prepared to break boundaries and discover things about yourself that can only empower you. Mind blowing experience. Fully recommended to take the chance and discover something new about yourself.”

- Annalisa Saba, Healer and massage therapist


I work exclusively with purpose-driven business people, particularly those who help others develop. I use an approach which starts with your unique strengths and values. From there, we will help you work out how to apply those strengths to help the people you most want to help.

I have fifteen years experience in technology, innovation and business. I also have experience of coaching management and psychology. I have a deep understanding of interpersonal work and a love of new ways of getting stuff done. I want to help you grow your business to help as many people as possible.

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