Thriving together

You work with people to become more aware, more at ease, or more effective. You help people develop to their full potential.

We understand the unique challenges of doing personal development work. We know it can be hard to reach enough of the right people. We know it can be hard to build a sustainable business.

We support coaches, mindfulness teachers, embodiment trainers, therapists and healers. We provide spaces, experiences and support to help transform your practice. With our help you and your customers can thrive.


How we can help

Personal Development work isn’t like other work. You need specific, focused advice to help you grow your practice and have the kind of impact you want to have. With us, you stay connected to the heart of your business.

Our services are a unique blend. Human-centred and empathic, we understand why you do what you do. Agile and cutting edge, we give you new super-effective ways of running your business.



Join the community

Meet other personal development professionals like you. Find the support and help you need with others on a similar journey.



Attend an event

Get the knowledge and support you need to take a big step forward. Gain new skills and practice them in a supportive environment.



Get individual support

Sometimes you need that extra support. Our dedicated, personal service will let you take the bold steps you need to build your business.


April 2019

“Definitely met my need to stay connected with my ‘Why’, whilst getting really focused on the practical ‘How’ as well. This had a really good balance between the two.

I came out of the session feeling clear, energised and relieved.”

Agnes Otzelberger / The Good Jungle